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The Gold Miner has the largest selection of new and used firearms in southwest Florida. You can find some of the best high-quality brands including Colt firearms and guns.

Beretta – Whether you’re testing your skills in  competition, polishing them at the target range or  defending your home, there are certain things you  demand from your firearm…Absolute reliability,  Consistent, Accuracy and Optimal Safety. Beretta is triumphed of design and reliable performance.


Colt firearms has always been an innovator, a pioneer – implementing mass production techniques, designing for parts interchangeability, and always striving to improve production methods. We offer the full Colt line-up and accessories for the most dependable gun store in the area.

Stop by today to browse our huge selection of firearms and accessories. We have the finest new and used guns in the area and everything you need such as ammo and reloading equipment.

Colt Firearms and Accessories:

  • Pistols
  • Revolvers
  • Rifles
  • Custom firearms
  • Special editions
  • Ammo
  • Holsters and accessories
Call the Gold Miner at 239-656-4653
We aim to serve you with personal customer service. Call the Gold Miner at 239-656-4653 to speak to our firearm professionals about Colt firearms and accessories. Stop in at our location at 4351 Hancock Bridge Pkwy. In North Fort Myers, FL, just one block west of the orange grove.

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